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Robot Volupta

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Robot Volupta
The multifunctional cookerVolupta HF404110 Moulinex will become your most faithful ally in your kitchen! In two clicks, you will succeed many preparations and cooking, for a quick and easy cooking everyday. You just have to follow the recipes and he takes care of everything! Prepare, start the program and you're done. Supplied with 5 accessories, it is a versatile and powerful device. Compact, it finds its place in all kitchens and on all work plans. Capacity and power: The cooking robot has a power of 1000 Watts and its gross capacity is 3 liters (useful capacity 1.5 l), ideal for about 4 people. It is suitable for all cooking and preparation: prepare appetizers, sauces, starters, soups, fish and meat, simmered dishes, vegetables, compotes, desserts! Order table: The Volupta is equipped with a large control panel with LCD screen, easy to use and intuitive. Select the program then press the Start button, and let Volupta cook for you in 2 clicks. Programs: Volupta has 5 automatic programs and subprograms, and a Mix function for quick and easy operation. - Simmered dishes: 5 sub-programs: tomato sauce / rissoto / stewed fish saffron / fried onion. - Sauces and Soups: 2 sub-programs: velvety courgettes / moulinŽ carrot potato. - Steam cooking, perfect for healthy cooking and full of flavors! - Dessert: 4 sub-programs: applesauce / rice pudding / chocolate fondue / four quarters. - Reheating Added to this is a mix key and pulse key allowing you to make all your preparations. You just have to choose the intensity of the speed (3 speeds + 1 intermittent). Temperatures and cooking: Set the cooking temperature according to your preparations from 55 ¡ to 120 ¡ C. The preparation time is adjustable from 10 seconds to 2h30 minutes. Convenient, no need to monitor once your dish is cooked, Volupta automatically goes into "keep warm" mode. Accessories : Volupta comes with 5 accessories to carry out various daily preparations: - chopper knife in stainless steel: sharpened, it is ideal for chopping vegetables, herbs, meat, fish and mixer soups and compotes homogeneously and quickly. Associated with cooking, it allows to make soups and sauces. - Steam basket: allows you to steam food for gourmet, healthy, light and natural dishes. Vegetables, fish, meat and desserts ... it's up to you! - mixer: use it to mix the ingredients without damaging them, it performs a gentle action. It is the essential accessory for cooked dishes, sweet preparations or to melt butter or chocolate. - knife for kneading and crushing: its use is dedicated to mixing light pasta (pancake batter, waffles ...), crushing dry fruits and pounding ice to taste a homemade sorbet. - beater: it is designed to beat the eggs or the cream, to emulsify the mayonnaise and the sauces by making the preparations foamy and aerated. Convenience: For more comfort: the device has a large handle for better use and a light bowl and high enough to pour more easily and without splashing. To make it easier to store your device, accessories are stored in the bowl. Easy maintenance: Bowl, accessories, lid and lid (except base and lid) are dishwasher safe.
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